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Whether you're traveling alone or with the whole family, ASTRAL is the perfect destination for your next getaway.
Explore some of our frequently asked questions and recommendations based on your travel tribe.


Read on for a complete list of everything that is included in each of our suites.


· Orthopedic queen size bed with premium 100% cotton bedding
· Air conditioning
· Closet with hangers
· Glass water garrafon
· Wall lights
· Electrical outlets
· Wi-fi


· Shower
· Premium cotton bath towels
· 2 robes
· Copal organic shampoo
· Copal organic liquid soap
· Hair dryer
· Toilet
· Toilet paper
· Toilet mirror

· Outside:

· 2 chairs
· 1 table
· Fire extinguisher

Escape with the one you love. ASTRAL offers the ideal destination to escape the hustle and bustle and get back to nature. Enjoy that power while reuniting with your favorite person. 

Sip mezcals at our bar overlooking the ocean, visit the beaches of Tulum National Park or the archaeological zone with a bicycle. Our destinations are ideal for couples of all ages looking to explore the world around them. 

But keep in mind that when school is out for the vacations it is also high season for families in Astraland. Expect to see more children in Astraland during your visit during these periods. 

If you would like more ideas for planning your trip, Our attentive front desk guides can also provide guidance or answer any questions you may have while staying with us.

Astral is the perfect place to enjoy nature as a family. All ages are welcome, including newborns in the restaurant and beach club.

Our bubbles are equipped with a queen size bed so only two people can stay in a bubble, and for safety reasons, the lodging area does not accept children.

For inspiration on what activities you can enjoy with your family during your visit, visit our experiences page (URL to brand-level experiences categorized under "kids club ASTRALAND"). In addition, our helpful front desk guides can point you in the right direction or answer any questions you may have while staying with us.

Astral does not accept dogs inside the bubbles due to their fragility and remembering that we are in a protected natural area. However, if you book only in our restaurant or Beach club, only dogs with a service certificate will be accepted. 

You can visit www.amasmexico.com for more information.

Astral is located in a protected natural park, smoking and open fires are strictly forbidden in the entire hotel area and in the bubbles.  

Only in one part of the beach club is a special area designated with dedicated ashtrays for those who need them.

Failure to comply with this provision may result in penalties according to current regulations, in addition to the cancellation of the stay and an extra charge of 400.00 usd will be applied for extraordinary cleaning and sanitization of the spaces. 

Glass is not allowed in the bubbles due to its fragility.

At Astral, our goal is to simplify your outdoor adventure. While we've thought of just about everything, there may be a few things you'll want to bring with you. Below are some recommendations on what to bring, as well as an overview of what we offer in our suites, what we sell in our store, restaurant and what we have available upon request.

Depending on where you want your adventure to take you and the time of year you stay with us, your packing list may vary. However, below are some of our recommendations.


Depending on the weather and the season, we suggest you wear several layers of clothing for weather changes and protection from the sun during the day, and warmer layers, jackets for the night.

  • Pajamas for sleeping (may be cool at night depending on the season).
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking shoes 
  • A backpack to carry all your adventure items
  • Book
  • Card games
  • Bed linen, sheets, blankets and pillows
  • Bath towels
  • Toiletries
  • Beach/pool towels (available seasonally)
  • Organic and environmentally friendly mosquito repellent
  • Organic and environmentally friendly sunscreen y amigable con el ambiente
  • AURAS our partner
  • Apparel merchandise supporting local craftsmanship
  • Souvenirs to remember your experience


The Bubbles are absolutely safe and are designed to withstand winds up to 100 km/h. However, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation if the weather conditions are especially adverse. We live in a Hurricane zone and during this season that starts in June and ends in November, we are subject to attack the rules of the authorities if required.

The Guest does not have the right to request cancellation due to adverse weather conditions. 

Also, in case of damages or breakdowns in the bubble or in the facilities, which cannot be repaired at short notice, we may cancel the stay until 15:00 hours on the day of arrival. 

In these rare cases, we will fully refund the amount paid for the accommodation or arrange a change of date by providing a voucher.

Other ancillary services may not be available in the event of breakdowns that cannot be resolved prior to check-in. We will notify you well in advance, but no refund, even partial, will be made. 

Standard rates: 

Non-refundable. A change of date (one time only) is permitted upon written request within 14 days prior to arrival date. It is possible to request a new date immediately or, alternatively, a voucher will be issued for the value of the rate (excluding additional charges) to be used for a new stay within 12 months of the booking date, subject to availability and with rate difference.

Reservations made more than 8 months in advance can be made up to 18 months after the reservation date. Reservations made with a voucher must be retrieved within the initial expiration date of the voucher, regardless of when they were made.

The second date becomes non-refundable in both cases. 

Any difference in rate must be paid upon arrival. 

- In the 14 days prior to the day of arrival, or in case of "no show": no refund or exchange. 

Promotional/special rates/bookings less than 14 days in advance: 

- Non-refundable and non-changeable. 


The balance of the amount is required to confirm the reservation.

We accept payment by bank transfer or credit card.

Payment details are included in the booking confirmation email.

The payment receipt must be sent by email to [email protected] to prevent the system from automatically releasing the bubble 24 hours after the reservation has been made.

The invoice must be requested at the time of booking.

Each Bubble has a large space reserved for exclusive use, which is accessed by a private path; this guarantees the privacy of each guest. 

Each guest may only use the assigned space. 

The bubbles are spaced apart and oriented to offer the best possible view. 

Each Bubble Room has its own private bathroom. 

All Astral staff constantly strive to ensure privacy during your stay by applying all necessary measures to this end. Therefore, unauthorized access to private areas is prohibited during the entire stay, whether by staff or other guests. 

Cleaning or maintenance personnel will have access only when the guest is out of the bubble.

The use of DRONES over the Bubbles is strictly prohibited.

We are not responsible for valuables and money left unattended by the guest.

Each guest's passport will be required and a copy will be made to be attached to the registration form. Signatures must match as closely as possible.

Check-in time is from 15:00 pm to 20:00 pm. After this time, arrival must be arranged in advance.
Check-in before 17:00 pm is not allowed.
Check out maximum at 11.00 am .

The bubble room is located in a private enclosed area,

The structure is supported by a 24-hour motor. In case of blackout, an auxiliary generator will be activated immediately to ensure the inflation. 

In any case, a safety area with a rigid structure integrated in the entrance tunnel is foreseen. 

The area is completely enclosed and only guests are allowed access through a locked gate. 

The unguarded parking area is inside and outside the property.

It is advisable to reserve parking free of charge in advance and subject to availability.

The property reserves the right to claim compensation for damages caused by the Guest's misconduct or failure to comply with the rules of the facility which are expressed in the accepted terms and conditions, and which will be reminded both verbally during check-in and on the displayed signs. 

The procedures for acquiring an open date voucher are as indicated in the GIFT section of the website.

The voucher must always be used to make a reservation from this site. Simply log in, choose the date of your stay and enter the code in the appropriate field. The amount of the voucher will be automatically deducted from the total amount of your reservation.

In case of a stay at a higher rate, the beneficiary must pay the difference at the time of booking. In the case of a lower rate, the balance may be used for additional services. 

If a specific night has been given, the date can be changed up to 14 days prior to the stay, subject to availability, by contacting us directly.

Vouchers not used within the specified time limits cannot be extended or refunded for any reason. 

We provide our guests with one set of towels per person, consisting of a shower towel, hand towel and bath towel.

Bed linen is changed every 3 days. 

If you need an additional set of sheets, the cost is 20 usd.

In our hotel we try to protect the environment by using as little plastic as possible. Therefore, no single-dose bath products are provided. In the bathroom you will find soaps in the dispenser. 

Rates are subject to change at any time, without notice, for all new reservations. The price lists or quotations sent are always replaced by the official rates of this website.

Offers are only valid for bookings made through the website www.astraltulum.com are not retroactive and do not apply to bookings made through third party channels (Airbnb, Booking, travel agencies, etc.).


At Astral we are committed to the effort and involvement with our people and our planet.
Our hotel is, and always will be, focused on health, sustainability, recycling, social action and care for the environment.

We recycle all the products we consume at the lodge (cardboard, glass and plastic). All our glass bottles are returnable, so we return them to the supplier to be reused.

We use fully recyclable coffee capsules in the rooms. We use cleaning products from certified sustainable suppliers.

Waste reduction through the use of soap dispensers. We display sustainable messages in different parts of the hotel. For example, in the bathrooms of all our rooms we put a message of responsible use of water and reuse of towels.

We offer free sunscreen and mosquito repellent that is completely environmentally friendly and we encourage the reduction of the use of plastics and chemical products. 

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